Positive effect of fish-derived Bioactive Collagen Peptides on skin health


  • Dr Oesser S
  • Dr Schunk M
  • Dr Proksch E


Bioactive collagen peptides, BCP, fish-derived collagen peptides, wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity


The positive effect of orally administered collagen peptides on skin health has been demonstrated in several clinical trials. In this placebo-controlled study, the impact of specific fish-derived Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) on skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction was investigated. A total of 76 Asian and Caucasian women (62.2 ± 8.2 years of age) received a daily dosage of 5 g BCP or placebo. Skin elasticity and changes in eye wrinkle volume were evaluated at the beginning of the study, after 4 and 8 weeks of treatment and 4 weeks after the last intake (regression phase). In a subgroup analysis, differences between the results for Asian and Caucasian participants were investigated. The data showed a statistically significant (p<0.05) improvement in skin elasticity after only 4 weeks of BCP supplementation, compared with placebo. This positive effect persisted after 8 weeks of supplementation, and 4 weeks after BCP intake was stopped (p<0.05). Wrinkle volume was also reduced in a statistically significantly (p<0.05) manner after BCP treatment, compared to placebo. A pronounced decrease in eye wrinkle volume could be determined 4 weeks after BCP treatment commenced. After 8 weeks, a wrinkle reduction of 15% was observed and the efficacy of the treatment was confirmed at the end of the regression phase (p<0.05). The subgroup analysis revealed no statistically significant differences. The BCP treatment was effective in both Asian and Caucasian subjects. The results clearly demonstrated the efficacy of orally administered fish-derived BCP on skin health.