Enhancement of calcium absorption and bone health by fermented soybean


  • Bibhu Prasad Panda et al.


Fermented soybean, Calcium absorption, Bone mineral density, Arterial calcification


The effects of metabolites produced during soy fermentation on calcium absorption and maintaining bone health have been studied in the mice model by measuring serum calcium and phosphorus levels, bone mineral density (BMD) and arterial calcification. The nutritional composition of different experimental diets was determined. Both bone mineral content (BMC) and the cross-sectional area of the shaft of the femur were significantly (p<0.01) increased and had a much greater effect on BMD when mice were treated with experimental diet D3 (dehulled soybean fermented with Bacillus subtilis MTCC 2756) and diet D4 (dehulled soybean fermented with Rhizopus oligosporus NCIM 1215 and B. subtilis MTCC 2756) as compared to diet D1 (unfermented dehulled soybean). The group of mice treated with experimental diets D3 and D4 did not show calcium deposition in the arterial wall. The beneficial effects may be due to aglycone isoflavones as well as a higher amount of vitamin K2 in experimental diets D3 and D4.