Improved bone healing after oral application of specific bioactive collagen peptides


  • Hans-Christoph Knefeli et al.


Bioactive collagen peptides, Nutritional supplement, Bone fracture, Bone healing


The complete and undisturbed healing of bone fractures is a key priority for surgeons and patients, so intensive efforts are made to improve bone healing with a variety of approaches. Oral therapies with collagen peptides are a relatively new therapeutic approach. In this observational study, the impact of collagen peptides on bone healing was investigated in a group of 28 (14 verum/14 placebo) patients of both genders with different fracture locations. Some patients underwent surgery, while others were treated conservatively. The patients who received bioactive collagen peptide treatment (FORTIBONE®) had a clearly better outcome regarding bone healing than the placebo group, half of whom showed suboptimal or bad results. No side effects or intolerance to the product were reported. The results of this investigation confirm the positive impact of collagen peptides on bone healing. The data suggest that FORTIBONE® can be used to improve fracture healing, even in cases where a normal outcome is expected, and to achieve faster healing.