Retrospective analysis of the effects of a gum gel intended to treat signs and symptoms of teething in infants


  • Francesco Di Pierro et al.


Gums, redness, fever, paediatric, inappetence, sleep disturbance


Teething discomfort is a widespread disorder affecting a very high percentage of infants. It creates anxiety in parents, who look for help in paediatric clinics. The use of hyaluronic acid gels has been shown in the last 20 years to be an effective tool, generally devoid of side effects, in reducing oral mucosal inflammation in adults. Recently, such results have also been confirmed in infants affected by teething. From our routine practice results, we have retrospectively reported the efficacy and the safety profile of Bonjela® Soothing Teething Gel, a teething gel capable of addressing in a significant way this infant complaint, which improves all of the clinical outcomes used in these types of study to describe the clinical condition of infants.