Treatment of insomnia in individuals undergoing diet therapy: nutraceutical approach vs pharmacological approach, a retrospective evaluation


  • Alexander Bertuccioli
  • Alfredo Bressan
  • Marco Neri
  • Diego Vergoni
  • Giordano Zonzini


Overweight, obesity, diet, insomnia, valerian, passionflower, hawthorn, differentiated release, Neurofast®, nutraceuticals


Nutritional modulation can be a factor in sleep quality, with the potential to cause insomnia. Insomnia has negative consequences both on the outcomes of treatment and on health in general. In this retrospective case–control evaluation, individuals with insomnia likely induced by diet therapy treatment and with a reduced tolerance to Bromazepam therapy, were evaluated on the effects obtainable with the administration of a multi-layered, differentiated release nutraceutical formulation containing highly standardized and titrated extracts of valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.), passionflower (Passiflora incarnata L.) and hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha L.) distributed under the commercial name of Neurofast®. A double-check was carried out against individuals with insomnia likely induced by diet therapy who were tolerant to Bromazepam therapy or who, by personal choice, preferred the use of nutraceuticals from the outset. The results demonstrate how the use of the nutraceutical product both as a first solution therapy and as a replacement for Bromazepam therapy significantly reduces insomnia and psychosomatic and autonomic symptoms. The Bromazepam therapy participants showed significantly effective, rapid results leading to complete remission of insomnia. When Bromazepam therapy was replaced with the nutraceutical product clinical remission was maintained, demonstrating a potentially comparable effect in the complete absence of rebound effect. Notably, the symptom ‘morning sleepiness’, which can be considered an adverse effect of Bromazepam, was detectable at a severe level in the Bromazepam therapy group but completely absent in nutraceuticals groups. The modified release multilayer nutraceutical formulation distributed under the trade name of Neurofast® proves to be a safe and effective solution in the management of insomnia symptoms even in the presence of autonomic and psychosomatic symptoms. Further studies, more structured and carried out on a larger and selected sample with more stringent criteria, will be necessary to further clarify the aspects taken into consideration.