Increasing anthocyanin content in black carrot juice by an enzyme assisted process: Optimization using response surface methodology


  • Charanjit Kaur, PhD et al.


Black carrots, Anthocyanins, Enzyme assisted processing, Viscozyme L


A three-level, three-factor, Box-Behnken response surface methodology (RSM) was used to optimize enzyme- assisted processing (EAP), for enhancing the concentration of anthocyanins extracted (ACNs) from black carrots. The black carrot mash was subjected to pre-treatments with different concentrations of Viscozyme L (0.05–0.25% v/w), extraction temperatures (50–70ºC) and incubation time (30–90 min). Overall, a two-fold increase in ACN recovery was observed compared to untreated mash. Response surface analysis of the data,- was used to develop a three-degree polynomial equation which provided the following optimal extraction conditions: enzyme concentration = 0.23% v/w, temperature = 60°C and extraction time = 78 min. Under the optimal conditions, black carrot juice extracted via EAP had a high juice yield (86.31%) and high total monomeric ACNs (1252.15 mg/l). Results demonstrate that Viscozyme L is a potential enzyme combination for enhancing juice yields and ACN content from black carrots.